Business Technology Was Never So Sexy.

We've accumulated several years of experience designing, implementing, integrating and supporting a variety of business management applications, ranging from small in-house development tools to large scale ERP deployments for international organizations. From our bespoke consultation process, to our lifetime support guarantee, the customer's satisfaction remains our ultimate focus. Read more about our game-changing approach.

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Ready-Built For Marketing Success.

We provide turnkey marketing automation services. Our flagship service agreement, Kworld LIVENETâ„¢, allows medium to large enterprises to automate their marketing workflow with perfectly integrated open-source tools and advanced reporting.

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Industry experts in a variety of fields.

We took a different approach than most business technology and management consulting firms. Instead of focusing on one area of practice - we combined the knowledge from our team and built a massive, human-readable resource containing cases and success formulas from a variety of industries - accessible to every one of our clients. We currently operate mostly in the healthcare, B2B e-commerce, and logistics fields.

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E-Commerce in a whole new light.

We build and support some of the world's most innovative, attractive, fast-growing and performant e-commerce websites. With an agile development approach, our customers save money, gain valuable business insight (we are not just "blind" developpers) and benefit from interpreted analytics starting on day 1. Expert integrations with SCM and ERP tools, fully documented deployments, and extensive QA are only a few things which set us apart. Find out more about building or revamping your existing e-commerce operation today.

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Our Executive Management

Our executive management team combines individuals with decades of experience in their respective fields, spans across continents, and most importantly embodies the same principal values which Kworld Standard is built around: a desire to make the world a more connected, accessible and safer place.

Keeyan @ his other venture's (Go Tikki Inc) event, MT TIKKI Ski Trip 2017

Keeyan Ravanshid

President & Chief Executive Officer. Founded Kworld Standard Corporation in late 2011. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Keeyan remains involved in every project - often managing client relationships, providing business consultancy advice and training new team members on both client-side and internally.

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Robin John

Chief Technology Officer. Robin joined Kworld in 2015 and currently leads the development team based in Bhopal, India. He is responsible for project management, quality assurance and completes the East-West (continental) loop at Kworld. He is a mechanical engineering graduate from Bhopal University.

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Jeremy L. Jonas

Senior Advisor & Lead Project Architect. Jeremy is the brainpower behind Kworld Standard's operational uniqueness. With decades-long experience in the world's most renown management consultancy, McKinsey & Co., he brings tried and true know-how about project design and user experience to Kworld.

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Lucas Peccatte-Savignioni

Director of Business Development. Originally from Corsica, later Paris, and now a Montrealer, Lucas joined Kworld in 2016. He is responsible for the company's business development, and advises clients on innovative ways to continously better their service offering. He is currently enrolled at the John Molson School of Business.

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